The Resonance concept: the effective way to manage complex situations

The book shows you how to deal with the growing complexity of day-to-day management tasks. It offers guidance and identifies new ways for you to develop yourself and your organization.

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smartGuide to management: 111 fast ways to access management expertise

The smartGuide to management provides rapid access to information with concise solutions and advice for more than 111 typical questions drawn from everyday management tasks

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The ExpressoCoach for managers: 111 coaching cards for practical management

The "ExpressoCoach" is more than just a book. It is a newly developed coaching tool based on practical experience, a card index with solution cards for 111 typical questions drawn from everyday management tasks.

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Realising my Professional Goals

Do you want to get closer to your professional dreams, but do not yet know how? Perhaps you feel that you are going in the right direction with your studies or in your work, but are still unsure about the next step? Do you lack the confidence to do what your heart tells you?

Adopting a workshop-style approach, this eBook will help you develop your career goals, taking into account the other areas of life. You design your own personal development plan and are supported in individual implementation.

The book is divided into three chapters:

  1. Day I: Where am I now? - Taking stock
  2. Day II: Where do I want to get to? - Defining goals
  3. Day III: How do I get there? - Implementation

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