Top priority in todays organizations is flexibility, thereby an increasing demand placed on executives an their teams. How will you meet these demands?


What is your ultimate goal?

Many opportunities only come to light when someone considers things from the outside systematically and with a trained eye. Let's take a closer look together. I'll listen openly and impartially. Using my analytical strengths, it will be possible to clarify issues and to get straight to the point. The insights gained in this way, will enable us to jointly develop the path towards constructive solutions.


What resources are available to you?

The second step is to release the available resources and to launch the development process. My clients value my targeted stimulus for change, as well as my ability to quickly immerse myself "in their world".

How do you achieve visible change?

Different starting situations require different approaches. That's why it is so important for me, as a consultant, to use exactly the work strategies that will get you to your destination as quickly and efficiently as possible.


I can organise and guide the following processes

Is your organisation on the threshold of growth, merger or change? Are you tired of always having to chase after your competitors in order to remain competitive? Would you prefer to be a decisive step ahead? Together we can develop a suitable change process for your company and, of course, make the best possible use of the existing resources of your employees. When they are involved right from the start, they will understand the need for change and actively help to shape the process.

Is it your aim not just to analyse and optimise processes, but also to convince the persons in your company to take "ownership" of these changes? Likewise, is it your aim to get the ball rolling in a controlled way as quickly as possible? With my professional assessment as an outsider, I will be able to work with you to develop a suitable strategy for your company, involving your people and making the best use of their skills. For successful, meaningful change.

Is it important to you that everyone in the team should do a good job and that they should all get along with each other? In addition, is it your wish that each of your employees should learn to think "outside the box", thinking ahead as well as dealing with day-to-day business? Working together with your employees, we tackle possible conflicts and create a sound basis for working together on projects, tasks and challenges.

I use the following formats in my work

Do you have a specific goal in mind and need help in getting there? Are you looking for new solutions to a particular problem in your company? Is it important to you to find your individual path as quickly as possible? Together with your team, we can identify the right focus for you and determine which path makes the most sense for your organization.


Do you need to clarify an issue, come to an agreed result and, ideally, visualize the outcome? Tell me your goals and I will develop a concept for you that will allow you and your team to launch a development process. I provide the stimulus - what happens after that depends on you and your staff. I always find it thrilling to investigate what is possible.

Do you want to reveal unexpected resources, expand career opportunities, resolve both mental and physical impasses and finally overcome obstacles? I ask the right questions, encouraging you to reflect and uncover unsuspected potential. When you discover what you can achieve and what opportunities are open to you, you will recognise your own personal path of further development.


Are you looking to develop your experienced management team, promote new employees and high potentials and introduce cross-company mentoring? I would be happy to work with you to develop a suitable mentoring concept, preparing mentors and mentees for their new roles and introducing mentoring at your company.

Are these challenges the same as or similar to the ones you face?

  1. Your organization should be able to adapt flexibly to constantly changing demands?
  2. Got a problem but not sure about the cause?
  3. Could your managers be more effective in providing leadership?
  4. Do you need a "committed" team quickly?
  5. Do you find your employees far too inflexible and unwilling to take the initiative?


Do you encounter similar issues?
If so, I'd be pleased to meet with you and your company.


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