My task is to discover your untapped potential. My work as a consultant, coach and development facilitator can only succeed if we design the process together with your organisation, teams and managers.


I speak your "language"

As an engineer and manager with 20 years of experience in the chemical industry, I understand the issues that concern you. That's exactly what my clients from industry, IT, banks and the insurance sector value most.


I listen

When I visit you, my focus is on your current issues. I listen, establish structures and separate the important questions from the things that matter less. Using targeted questions I get to the nub of the issue, so that we can proceed clearly and with purpose.


We make things happen

During the implementation I take an analytical, structured and solution-oriented approach. While working with people, I constantly provide targeted stimuli. The result is visible and tangible change.


Our ultimate goal
  1. Together we make something from what is available.
  2. We work on the basis of the available resources.
  3. We focus on your ideas.
  4. We work on what matters to you.

What needs to happen for things work the way you want them to? 
Let's take a closer look together.

  1. Self-employed consultant in German, Switzerland, Austria and Italy since 2003.
  2. 7 years as CEO of Sulzer Chemtech GmbH, Linden
  3. 7 years Head of Sales, Thermal Process Engineering
  4. 5 years Sales engineer for capital goods
  1. Certificate as systemic consultant in the field of organisation from the Institute for Systemic Consulting, Wiesloch
  2. Systemic coaching training at the Institute for Family Therapy, Systemic Supervision and Organisational Development, Essen
  3. Postgraduate studies in Sales Engineering at the St. Gallen Management School with diploma
  4. Winterthur Engineering Academy, degree in Chemistry
  1. Psychological Patterns and Professional Realities
  2. Various visual facilitation learning workshops
  3. Bikablo Visual Facilitation Training
  4. Theory U
  5. Questionnaire for Personality Evaluation
  6. Practice the Power of Language
  7. Spyral Dynamics intensive
  8. Structure and Organisational Set-up
  9. and many more
  1. Consultation & concept design
  2. Organisational development
  3. Support in change processes
  4. Facilitation
  5. Team development
  6. Coaching
  7. Mentoring